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Send your parcel to Canada with Parcel Direct, and choose from the best courier services and courier prices, all in one great location.

Every year, thousands of people go to Canada from Ireland for a variety of reasons. As you can imagine, this generates a huge need for a reliable and safe courier service between our two countries.

This is where Parcel Direct comes in, we have all the biggest courier companies at your fingertips, and negotiated the best prices for you. Now you can choose the right courier service ath the right price for your parcel delivery needs.

Low Cost Parcel Delivery & Reliable Couriers

Parcel Direct can offer Express 48hour courier services for those important time sensitive shipment and Standard 4 days courier services when you just need a safe and secure way to send your parcels to Canada

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How To Send A Parcel To The USA

  • Simply Enter The Size & Weight Of Your Parcel

  • Click Get A Quote

  • Choose From Our Great Low-Cost Shipping Options

  • Have your Parcel Collected Or Drop It Off At A Local Store

  • That's It, All Done. It's Easy With Parcel Direct

How To Prepare Your Shipment For Canada

With Parcel Direct, we provide all the information you need to prepare your shipment for delivery. Check out our Packing Tips Pages for lots of great tips to help 

How To Track Your Parcel To Canada

Keep an eye on your parcel shipping with our Online Parcel Tracking Tool and see exactly where your parcel is and when it will arrive.

More Helpful Shipping Information

Relocating To Canada From Ireland

Are you moving to Canada long term? Why not ship your household belongings instead? We can make your move so much easier and your parcels will be delivered from your door in Ireland, to your new home in Canada!

Shipping From The Canada to Ireland

Bought something online in the Canada and need it shipped home, no problem, we have a great import service from Canada. Just enter the details and choose from a great range of cost-effective parcel delivery services at Parcel Direct.

Sending Express Documents To Canada

Important Documents? We can have them in Canada in 48hrs. Multiple Boxes? Use our economy service. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect service. Use our handy quick quote tool below and choose from TNTDHLUPS or FedEx.

Posting To Canada & Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is easy with ParcelDirect. During the booking process you will be taken through the process step by step and all your commercial invoices will be included with your shipping labels. If you need any help please get in touch with a member of our team, who will be glad to help with your parcel shipping needs.

What Items Can I Send To Canada?

Canada has some strict restrictions on items that you can and can't send. Please check the various pages for this information.

Some items banned include: Cigarettes, some Alcohol, and various Foodstuffs

For any additional information on you can contact Canadian Customs. You can also refer to our Prohibited & Restricted Page.