Prohibited & Restricted Items

The following items are strictly prohibited from being shipped. Any of these items being sent may result in surcharges, delays or confiscation by authorities. No liability cover or guarantees will apply to these items. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding consignments you wish to ship.


The following items are strictly prohibited from being shipped. Any of these items being sent may result in surcharges, delays or confiscation by authorities. No liability cover or guarantees will apply to these items. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding consignments you wish to ship.

List of Prohibited Goods

  • Any item that is not boxed or does not have internal protection
  • Aerosol cans / sprays
  • Airbag Modules
  • Alcohol
  • Animal skins / Furs / Any Animal Parts including meat / Ivory and ivory products
  • Articles of exceptional value (e.g. works of art, antiques, sculptures, precious stones, gold and silver)
  • Bicycles / Bicycle frame Prohibited with Parcel Direct services, Restricted with all others
  • Biological samples, including animal and human.
  • Boxes with old Hazardous Labels - DO NOT RE USE OLD HAZARDOUS BOXES
  • Car Batteries
  • Cheques or Tickets that are not named
  • Dangerous goods - e.g. Explosives / Fireworks / Christmas Crackers / Radioactive Materials / Deactivated or Replica Weapons and Munitions / Firearms / Swords / Knives / Axe / Chainsaw / Anything with a blade larger than 1.5 inches / Weapons
  • Dry Ice
  • Engines / Generators / Gearboxes or any part containing or having contained oil/petrol unless flushed through
  • Fire Extinguishers / Life Jackets
  • Foodstuffs Outside Ireland & The EU
  • Gold & Silver including Jewellery and Watches over €300
  • Goods moving under ATA Carnet and all temporary exports and imports; goods moving under FCR, FCT and CAD (Cash Against Document)
  • Hazardous materials e.g. Paint / Adhesives / Chemicals / Flammable resins/ solvents/ liquids / Compressed Air & Empty cylinders / Items containing any gases.
  • Household goods containing flammable or corrosive liquids, such as oven or drain cleaners / perfume, aftershave/ hairspray/ nail varnish and remover.
  • Human Remains / Bodily Fluids
  • LED, LCD & TFT Screens over 28inches (under 28 inches Restricted)
  • Liquids / Adhesives / Paint / Oil / Creams / Gels
  • Live or Dead animals
  • Magnets or items containing ferro-magnetic material
  • Milk Powder to China
  • Mobile Phone with SIM card / Mobile phone with or without SIM to any residential address in Turkey
  • Money, Keys, Negotiable items / Payment cards
  • Passports / Birth Certificates / Driving Licences
  • Personal & Used Effects - Prohibited to South America including Argentina, Australia (NB: FedEx), New Zealand, Pakistan Completely & to China over €100 - Restricted to all other Countries outside the EU
  • Plasma Screens of all sizes
  • Pornographic materials
  • Residential Addresses: Russia
  • Soil / Clay
  • Television screens - all sizes of Plasma screens as well as LED, LCD & TFT screens 28inches and over (under 31 inches Restricted cover)
  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Toner / Ink Cartridges / Printers / Fax Machines or Photocopiers to any destination outside Ireland
  • Wet or Lithium Batteries (Not Conatined In Device) (Not including Dry Cell)
  • White Goods -fridges, ovens- (also known as range, stove, cooker, cooker parts, cooking plate, or cooker top), Cooker hood, Microwave Oven, dishwasher, Washing Machine etc.)
  • Written Prescriptions / Prescribed Drugs / Medication / Any Controlled/Illegal substance to all areas.

Restricted Items

  • Bicycles / Bicycle frame Prohibited with Parcel Direct services, Restricted with all others
  • Computers / Monitors
  • Food items (Perishable) All areas
  • Furniture (Unless flat packed)
  • Glass / Mirrored items / Crystal / Ceramic / Pottery/ Porcelain / Plaster / Marble / China / Stone / Slate / Resin / Granite / Concrete - (or any item containing these materials)
  • Gifts (Argentina / Brazil)
  • LED, LCD & TFT Screens under 28inches (Over 28 inches Prohibited)
  • Perishable goods
  • Personal Effects & Used Effects - Prohibited to South America including Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan & to China over €100 - Restricted to all other Countries including South America
  • Plants / Seeds / Flowers / Plant derivatives
  • Residential Addresses: Russia
  • Television screens - LED, LCD, TFT screens under 31inches (32 inches and over Prohibited)
  • Unaccompanied baggage / Suitcases

The following items (or any item similar in description or content) can only be carried on a no protection basis on any service. Any person sending such an item does so at their own risk:

  • Ceramics / Porcelain / China / Stone - Items Made Or Consisting Of Porcelain Or Similar Including Tiles, Sinks, Basins, Toilets, Baths, Concrete, Crockery, Granite, Marble, Vase, Pottery, Plates Etc.
  • Also prohibited are: Shipments with inherent vice; Shipments which by their nature are likely to soil, impair or damage persons, merchandise or equipment; Goods the carriage of which is prohibited by law in the country of origin, transit or destination; Goods which attract excise duty or which require special facilities, safety precautions or permits.
  • Documents
  • Fishing Rods
  • Fragile Items (all)
  • Glass Items Of Any Type - Including Glassware, Crystal, Bulbs, Screens, Fibreglass, Fish Tanks, Mirror, Spectacles, Window, Perspex Etc.
  • Hamper
  • Lenses
  • Lights, Lighting, Lamps, Lampshades, Chandeliers Etc.
  • Packaging - Including The Box, Media Packaging, Suitcases/Flight Cases Used As Packaging Etc.
  • Pewter Figures
  • Precious Metals And Stones - Including Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Gems, Gemstones, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Amber, Pearl Etc. (Including In Jewellery Form)
  • Shower Screen
  • SIM Cards (Where Not Prohibited)
  • Small Vehicle Parts Including Headlights, Tail lights, Gearboxes, Motorcycle Parts Etc.
  • Stoneware, Statues, Statuettes, Marble
  • Suitcases
  • Torches
  • Vermiculite Board
  • Watch

There are nine hazard classes which cover these and the examples quoted below must not be taken as full lists of all dangerous goods. We will not accept other materials and products that may be hazardous to our handling staff.

Dangerous goods are defined as those goods which meet the criteria of one or more of the nine UN hazard classes. These classes relate to the type of hazard and are detailed below. All dangerous goods are prohibited.

Class One

Explosives Definition: Any chemical compound, mixture or device capable of producing an explosive-pyrotechnic effect, with substantial instantaneous release of heat and gas. All explosives are prohibited. Examples: Nitroglycerine; Fireworks; Blasting caps; Christmas Cracker Snaps; Igniters; Fuses; Flares; Ammunition, etc.

Class Two

Gases compressed, liquified or dissolved under pressure. Definitions: Permanent gases which cannot be liquified at ambient temperatures; liquified gases, which become liquid under pressure at ambient temperatures; dissolved gases which are dissolved under pressure in a solvent.

  1. All flammable compressed gases are prohibited. Examples: Hydrogen; Ethane; Methane; Propane; Butane; Cigarette lighters; Gas Cylinders for camping stoves, blowlamps, etc.
  2. All toxic compressed gases are prohibited. Examples: Chlorine; Fluorine, etc.
  3. All non-flammable compressed gases are prohibited. Examples: Carbon Dioxide; Nitrogen; Neon; Fire Extinguishers containing such gases, etc. iv) All aerosols are prohibited.

Class Three

Flammable Liquids Definition: Liquids, mixtures of liquids, or liquids containing solids in solution or suspension which give off a flammable vapour. Any liquid with a closed cup flash point below 60.5 Degrees Celsius is prohibited. Examples: Acetone; Benzene; Cleaning Compounds; Petrol; Lighter Fuel; Paint Thinners and Removers; Petroleum; Solvents, etc.

Class Four

Flammable Solids Definition: Solid materials which are liable to cause fire by friction, absorption of water, spontaneous chemical changes, or retained heat from manufacturing or processing, or which can be readily ignited and burn vigorously. Examples: Matches (any type inccluding safety); Calcium Carbide; Cellulose Nitrate products; Metallic Magnesium; Nitro-cellulose based film; Phosphorous; Potassium; Sodium; Sodium Hydride; Zinc Powder; Zirconium Hydride, etc.

Class Five

Oxidising Substances and Organic Peroxides Definition: Though not necessarily combustible themselves, these substances may cause or contribute to combustion of other substances. They may also be liable to explosive decomposition, react dangerously with other substances, and be injurious to health. Examples: Bromates; Chlorates; Components of Fibreglass repair kits; Nitrates; Perchlorates; Permanganates; Peroxides, etc.

Class Six

Toxic (Poisonous) and Infectious Substances, Other Medical Substances. Definition: Substances liable to cause death or injury if swallowed or inhaled, or by skin contact. All toxic substances are prohibited. Examples: Arsenic; Beryllium; Cyanide; Fluorine; Hydrogen Selenide; Infectious substances containing micro-organisms or their toxins which are known to cause (or are suspected of causing) disease; Mercury; Mercury Salts; Mustard Gas; Nitrobenzene; Nitrogen Dioxide; Pesticides; Rat Poison; Serum; Vaccines, etc. Pathogens in Risk Group 4 and selected Risk Group 3 pathogens listed in Schedule 9, part 5 of the latest edition of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations are prohibited. Examples: Clinical, environmental and medical waste; Ebola; Foot and Mouth disease.

Class Seven

Radioactive Material Definition: All materials and samples that are classified as radioactive using Table 2-12 of the latest edition of the International Civil Aviation Organisation's Technical Instructions. Examples: Fissile Material (Uranium 235,etc.); Radioactive Waste Material; Uranium or Thorium Ores, etc.

Class Eight

Corrosives Definition: Substances which can cause severe damage by chemical action to living tissue, other freight, or the means of transport. All corrosive substances are prohibited. Examples: Aluminium Chloride; Caustic Soda; Corrosive Cleaning Fluid; Corrosive Rust Remover/Preventative; Corrosive Paint Remover; Electric Storage Batteries; Hydrochloric Acid; Nitric Acid; Sulphuric Acid, etc.

Class Nine

Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods Definition: Substances which present dangers not covered elsewhere. Examples: Asbestos; Dry Ice (solid carbon dioxide); Magnetised Material with a magnetic field strength of 0.159 A/m or more at a distance of 2 meters from the outside of the parcel.