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ParcelDirect eCommerce is a free shipping platform for your eCommerce business. We enable you to link your online shop, process your orders and print off shipping labels, all in one place!

Whether your business is only starting up, or whether you are a larger shipper, we offer incredible perks that help you expand the potential of your online business. Below are just some examples of what we can offer your business :

  • Super low domestic flat rates with dedicated account management
  • The best international shipping rates worldwide - choose from tens of different shipping Services
  • Integrated API with major eCommerce platforms (such as Wocommerce, Shopify, Ecwid & Bigcommerce)
  • Dedicated tech support team
  • Simple system for processing your orders in just a few clicks.
  • Streamlined functions for payments, setting up default parcels and recurring orders
  • Download bulk invoices for your accounting


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Shipping your eCommerce products has been so easy. Simply register with us for a free Business account, connect your store and start shipping today! You will be able to process your orders and make payments in just a few clicks.
We have introduced innovation features like ParcelDirect PrePay and My Default Parcels for your convenience. Our Smart features allow you to fill in your parcel details, make payment and print off labels in just a couple of clicks!


Register Now And Link Your Accounts

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Our all-in one multichannel system supports all major eCommerce systems. Please also get in touch if you have a different or unique platform, and we can come uo with a bespoke shipping solution for your business!


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Is there a demand for your products abroad?
Ireland's eCommerce market is growing, and so is the demand for Irish products around the world. Why keep your prospective customers waiting? Don't let distance and high shipping costs stop you - with ParcelDirect's amazing new international rates for businesses, your business can take off in to time!

We offer super-low corporate rates to places such as the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, USA and Australia. It is noteworthy that the amount of online purchases is increasing everywhere, so every country is apotential market for your business.

Our system enables you to process your domestic and international orders all in one go. We also find the best prices for both for you, so you don't need to spend time looking for shipping opations separately. Instead, you can invest your time in developing and expanding your business!
When you sell online, the world is at your fingertips, so why not go international with ParcelDirect?
Get in touch with us today and inquire more about going internatinal!


As an eCommerce shipper, you will find that packaging materials, despite often being disposable, actually end up being a big cost. That is why you can get your high-quality packaging material from us at great rates!

We stock a variety of products, including shipping boxes, postal tubes, super-tough mailers and protective materials. Make sure your products get to their destination safely!


Register now for free, link your account and see our amazing system in action:

  • No more tedious manual order booking - get order data straight form your website!
  • Stop paying too much for shipping - get our great ParcelDirect shipping rates and choose from 10+ different services
  • Use ParcelDirect Prepay to top up your account - pay for shipping in just a few clicks!

Are you a big shipper? Get in touch with our eCommerce team to optimize your rates and make order fulfilment easier than ever!

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