Here at Parcel Direct we like to make it as easy as possible for you to ship your parcel. Of course sometimes you will have questions about how it works and other issues. Below we have a complete list of questions and answers which should help you get your parcel sent.

If you need anything else, please feel free to get in touch


Q. Can I have a morning collection?

A. Probably not. Your package will be collected between 9am and 5.30pm. If you can't wait in for the courier, we would suggest using one of our handy Local Drop Off points.

Q. Do you collect or deliver on Saturday or Sunday?

A. No. All our collections and deliveries are from Monday to Friday and all our delivery timescales are business days. Please keep this in mind when estimating the delivery of your parcel.

Q. When can my consignment be collected?

A. You can choose your preferred collection date when you make your booking. You can also choose one of our handy Local Drop off points

Q. Can you deliver items to Ireland from abroad?

A. We can arrange great import rates. Just click the link and enter the country you want to collect the parcel from.  Get A Quote

Q. Do you only collect boxes?

A. We are able to collect Boxes, Documents and Jiffy Bags under normal services. We also have a pallet service for heavier shipments.

Q. It's 4pm and my collection hasn't happened...

A. Collection can take place up to 5.30pm. If you do have concerns about your collection feel free to contact us after 4pm and we will contact the depot on your behalf.

Q. What compensation do I get if my package is not collected on time?

A. We do not offer a guaranteed collection. Due to the nature of the service selected, it may not always be possible for the courier to collect your parcel. This may be for a variety of reasons outside the control of the courier.

Q. Will Parcel Direct contact me if my collection fails?

A. Parcel Direct is a courier broker and not the collection agent. We do not track all the shipments made through our website. In the unlikely event that a collection does not take place please contact us immediately and we will rearrange your collection with the carrier.

Q. What compensation do I get if my package is not delivered on time?

A. We offer an Express guaranteed service in Ireland only. The delivery timescales indicated in the booking process are estimates only. Standard & Economy services are not time definite guaranteed services. Due to the nature of the service selected, it may not always be possible for the courier to delivery your parcel on time. This may be for a variety of reasons outside the control of the courier. Some areas of the world can take longer to reach.

Q. What is classed as Furniture?

A. Furniture is classified as movable objects which may support the human body (seating furniture and beds), provide storage, or hold objects on horizontal surfaces above the ground.

Q. What appliances are classed as White Goods?

A. Dishwasher, Clothes Dryer, Refrigerator, Cooker/Stove/Cooker Top Washing Machine, Microwave and other similar items

Q. Can I cancel my collection?

A. Yes, you can cancel a collection up to 6 hours before the collection date. There is a €15 surcharge after this time period. These charges are applied as the courier will already have received the order, printed the shipping label (GLS) and programmed in the collection. Once this is done certain charges are levied on us whether the parcel is collected or not.

Q. Will I have to pay customs charges when I send a package?

A. This is unpredictable and is at the discretion of the customs in the destination country. If they do impose charges, the shipper or the recipient will need to contact the courier directly and we cannot get involved in the process. The sender is responsible for all return costs and any duties levied upon return.

Q. How should I describe the goods?

A. Please be as descriptive as possible. Do not simply write “gift” or “goods” or "general" as this will cause a delay with customs. Every item must be entered individually and the description must be as detailed as possible to avoid delay. Please note that Personal Effects are ‘restricted’ through our site and are sent at the customers own risk. Personal Effects may also attract higher customs charges. 

Q. What value do I place on the goods?

A. The value entered must be the total value of replacing the goods. There should never be a nil value. In the event of a claim the value of goods entered must be proved in the form of a purchase receipt. Please note it is difficult to prove the value of Personal Effects and as such they are listed under our ‘restricted items’. Personal Effects can be sent at the customers risk and no claim can be made in the event of damage or loss.

Q. Incorrect Customs Declaration

A. An accurate description and reason for export must be entered on the Customs Invoice. If customs discover undeclared items, items that are different from their description or an incorrect export reason (e.g. ‘Gift’, when actually purchased) than a surcharge could be applied and/or the shipment may be returned. The sender is responsible for all return costs and any duties levied upon return


Q. Do I sign for my goods if they are damaged?

A. If the goods are damaged, please sign for goods as damaged and make a note of this with the courier. If you sign for the goods in 'Good Condition' you will not be able to process a claim

Q. Do I need to keep the packaging?

A.  If the goods are damaged, packaging must be kept in case the goods need inspecting with the packaging. If the packaging is not kept this will invalidate your claim.

Q. What cover does my consignment have?

A. All services come with an inclusive transit cover of €20 per consignment. Additional Transit Cover can be added at 3% of the declared value up to €2000 in consignment value.

Q. What is Enhanced Transit Cover?

A. Enhanced Transit Cover can be added during the ordering process up to the value of €2000 in consignment value, and charged at 3% of the declared value.

Q. Are there any exclusions to the Transit Cover?

A. There are some exclusions to Enhanced transit Cover, that prevent you from making a claim. For example, you will be unable to claim for any items on our Prohibited Items List, or if the item was not boxed or packaged sufficiently. For the full list of exclusions, please refer to our Prohibited Items list and Terms and Conditions.

Q. What do I need to start a claim?

A. In order to process a claim you must email support@parceldirect.ie within 5 days of delivery or non-delivery

Q. Who can start a claim?

A. Only the person that placed the order can start or make a claim.

Q. How much time do I have to submit a loss or damage claim?

A. All claims for loss or damage must be brought directly to us via email within 5 days of receipt or non-delivery. Do not contact the carrier directly as this will delay or void any claim. We will not be able to process claims received after this date.

Q. How long will my claim take?

A. The industry standard to resolve a claim is 8-12 weeks. Parcel Direct aim to conclude any claim received within 30 working days.

Q. Will I get my item back?

A. The damaged item must not be moved until the claim is completed as this will invalidate the claim. If the claim is paid out in full, the item will not be returned. If repair costs are paid the item may be delivered back to you at your cost, if you wish.

Q. I don't want to book online, can I ring it through to you?

A. In order to keep our prices low and for Data Protection reasons, we cannot take telephone bookings

Q. Payment Methods

A. We currently accept our payments through Stripe Payments, who accept all card types. Please contact us if you require more information.

Q. Do you offer credit accounts?

A. No

Q. Why do I need a printer for some services?

A. Some of our services need a Barcoded Shipping Label and Customs Forms to be printed and attached to your packages. For some of our services the driver will bring the Barcoded Shipping Label and you can just write the delivery details on the box.

Q. I made a mistake online, how do I change this?

A. Please email support@parceldirect.ie with your Order ID and the required changes and we will confirm if we are able to amend the booking or whether you will need to rebook

Q. Does my item need to be boxed?

A. We operate a parcel delivery service. Every item must be boxed (or Jiffy Bag / Envelope depending on size. Please do not place fragile or delicate items in Jiffy Bags or Padded Envelopes) to travel in our system.

Q. What address details do I need to write on my package?

A. You must label all packages clearly with the destination address. When you book with us, you will be given the option to print out address labels

Q. How should I package my item?

A. We can only accept items that are professionally packed within a box ready for the driver. The item must be cushioned, protected with suitable outer packaging and the corners protected. Padded Envelopes and Jiffy Bags are not suitable for delicate items. If the item is not correctly packaged the driver may refuse to collect and if the contents are not protected adequately any claim will be invalidated if damage occurs in transit.

Q. How do I prepare my Pallet?

A. Please ensure you have selected the correct size Pallet to accommodate your goods and that the goods do not overhang. All goods must be shrink-wrapped securely onto the Pallet. Should the carrier be providing the Pallet the goods must still be shrink-wrapped as quickly as possible whilst the driver waits. Please note a surcharge may apply should the driver be kept waiting longer than 15 minutes. Pallet Packing Tips

Q. How does Pre Pay work?

A. With Pre Pay, you use your credit or debit card to make a payment to your Parcel Direct account. Then whenever you send a parcel and choose to pay by Pre Pay, your account gets debited the purchase price. The whole checkout process is much faster, as no card details need to be entered.

Q. How do I top-up my Pre Pay account?

A. Just select the Pre Pay option in My Account and add the required amount of PrePay.

Q. How much do I need to top up my Pre Pay account?

A. You can top up your Pre Pay account with as little as €20, up to a maximum of €2,000 per top-up.

Q. How long does my Pre Pay top up remain valid?

A. There is no time limit on your Pre Pay Balance. Please be advised that any top up purchased cannot be redeemed for cash at a later stage.

Q. Can I pay for my shipment using both Credit Card and Pre Pay?

A. Yes, you can choose to pay with a combination of Credit Card and your Pre Pay Balance

Q. I have funds in my PrePpay account, but the Pre Pay button is not enabled.

A. There is no time limit on your Pre Pay Balance. Please be advised that any top up purchased cannot be redeemed for cash at a later stage.