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China is a vast and prosperous country with one of the largest populations and economies in the world. Whether you are doing business in China or relocating there, you need to be sure you have the perfect courier partner for all your parcel and pallet deliveries, whether its imports, exports, express documents or personal effects.

Businesses need to be assured of the smooth parcel shipping of their items both into and out of China. offers a comprehensive import/export service for documents, parcels and pallets. offers a huge selection of cheap courier services to make sure you can choose the option for your document, parcel or pallet. Choose from UPS, FedEx, or TNT so you know your shipment is handled with care and arrives on time.

If you are thinking of relocating to China for work or pleasure or need to send a parcel to China, then you can be assured that will ensure all your shipments arrive on time and in the same great condition they left.

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With our easy to use features you can start shipping with in 4 easy steps. Check it out, How It Works, and see how easy it is.
How Much Does It Cost to Send a Parcel to China

Here on ParcelDirect, we use a variety of different providers and shipping speeds to suit your needs. You can choose a price that suits you, just get a quote and select your preferred price.

Send your parcel with economy shipping if time isn’t of the essence, or you can choose one of our express options for a more expensive price but much faster delivery times.

How to send a parcel to China, with ParcelDirect
  • Simply enter the Size & Weight of your Parcel.
  • Click Get A Quote.
  • Choose from our Great Low-Cost Shipping Options.
  • Have your Parcel Collected or Drop It Off at a Handy Local Store.
  • That's it, All done. It's Easy with ParcelDirect.

Track Your Parcel
Keep an eye on your parcel shipping with our Online Parcel Tracking Tool and see exactly where your parcel is and when it will arrive.
Customs Information
Customs information is always needed for any parcel that is entering a country that is outside the EU. Unfortunately, we cannot control customs but we can certainly try to pre-empt any delays. does exactly this! Just place your order as normal and our website will ask you to fill out some customs information and then it will automatically generate the relevant documents and send them to you once payment is made!
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  5. Online Tracking.
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