Parcel Direct Pre Pay

If you don’t like getting slowed down when processing your shipments, then Pre Pay is the perfect solution for you.

Now you can speed up your booking with Pre Pay by adding funds in advance.

Pre Pay lets you to pay into your Parcel Direct Account with your credit or debit card, and then use this credit to pay for orders without having to enter in your credit card details each time. With Pre Pay you also have the extra security of not having to give your credit card to multiple people. This means if multiple people use the shipping account, only you have access to the credit or debit card details.

How to Top Up

Log into you Parcel Direct Account Go to the Pre Pay tab at the top of the screen Select the amount you wish to top up Enter your card details and submit

Safe & Secure

All transactions are verified by Stripe Radar and SCA to ensure PrePay transactions are safe.

stripe radar