Mail-Lite White Padded Envelopes

Mail-Lite-White-Padded-EnvelopesSealed Air's MailLite® bubble envelopes combine an attractive tough white kraft paper outer envelope, with protective AirCap® bubble wrap inside. MailLite® bubble shipping envelopes' kraft outers do not require special marker pens for writing on, and have a good surface for easy label adhesion. These bubble envelopes are ideal for posting light-medium weight items such as: giftware, CDs, DVDs, brochures, Measurements shown are internal dimensions

Size Quantity Product Code Price Select Quantity
180 x 260 mm x 100 pack 004854 €30.80
230 x 330 mm x 50 pack 007800 €22.40
270 x 360 mm x 50 pack 004858 €28.00
350 x 470 mm x 50 pack 004860 €39.20