SuperTuff Mailers

SuperTuff-MailersOur blue polythene mailing bags are opaque,offering excellent confidentiality and added security. The polythene plastic mailing sacks' outers have a good surface for easy label adhesion and a shiny blue finish which do not require special marker pens for writing on. Polythene mailing bags have a peel and seal closure that ensures easy opening whilst keeping contents secure during transit. Mailing sacks are also made from recyclable material. Mailing sacks are pre-printed with a child safety warning.

Size Quantity Product Code Price Select Quantity
340 x 482mm x250pk 001667 €50.00
440 x 560mm x250pk 001668 €60.00
326 x 384mm x500pk 001898 €80.00
717 x 585mm x100pk 001670 €50.00