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November 27 – Small Business Saturday. How to support local businesses.

Today, November 27 is “Small Business Saturday”. Appreciating this community during tough times is very important. Little initiatives can go far in the recovery of small businesses. So if you want to help your friends’ or familys’ small businesses thrive, follow our tips below.  

Consider shopping small before going to big chains.

Consider your smaller grocery stores before going to the big chains. Smaller grocery shops usually offer fresher products from small local suppliers. They also generate more jobs in your community. So remember: whether it is a corner store, an online boutique, always try and support local and small first. – On that note, remember to order takeout or delivery. It is an incredible way to keep local cafes and restaurants in business. Plus, it generates delivery opportunities as well for the people in the community. More job opportunity means a better and safer community. 

Engage with small businesses’ content on social. 

A like or comment goes a long way for small businesses. We spend a lot of time on social media nowadays, so engaging with local small businesses is an effortless fun activity. After all, they are the ones spreading all that interesting information that we love seeing, so give them your support back. 

Visit their websites/blogs to keep traffic up.

One of the easiest ways to support small shops right now is to visit their websites. Small businesses usually have a blog section on their websites, where they share information and knowledge. By visiting their blogs at least once a week you are helping increase their traffic which means their website will be more easily found on searching tools. 

Shop art from local artists.

We are always trying to make our house feel homier. What better way than adding beautiful artwork? Instead of buying a copy of that famous artist painting why not buy an original from a local artist? Purchasing handmade ceramics, home goods, and other things like this from local artists are great ways to support. – And let’s be real, there is nothing cooler than having something exclusive to show your friends and family when they come over. 😉

Share the social love.

Is there a small business that posts interesting things you like to read? Share them on your social media. Let others in the community know. Spreading the word on social is a great way to keep word of mouth going for small businesses. 

Buy a gift card

If you ever feel confused about what to buy when presenting someone on a special occasion, gift cards are a great solution. Offering your friends or family the opportunity of having an exclusive gift made with care by a local shop/ artist is a great opportunity to show how much you care about them and their happiness. 

Send gifts from local shops abroad.

Local shops represent the local lifestyle and taste. So if you are going to send gifts abroad and want them to represent you the best possible way, there is not a better choice than a souvenir from a local shop/artist. And if you want the cheapest price on your shipping, visit

How To Decrease your Ecommerce Cart Abandonment Rate ?

Avoiding Shopping cart abandonment means a better conversion rate to your e-commerce. So, to make sure your customers are not going to leave before finishing their purchase, we have prepared a few guidelines you can follow. 

  • Be transparent about all costs.

Give your customers all costs upfront, including any shipping costs, taxes applied, and any other fees they should expect. It will reduce the likelihood that you’ll catch shoppers off guard with an unexpected price increase.

  • Include progress indicators on the checkout page.

A progress indicator helps users understand where they are in the checkout and how much further they have to go. 

A near-completed progress bar can also serve as a visual reinforcement for shoppers to continue with their purchases. Shoppers might be even more motivated to complete their shopping if they’ve seen how much they’ve already invested in your checkout. 

  • Include thumbnails of products throughout the checkout process. 

Including thumbnails of products throughout the checkout process can be a way to reassure customers of their current purchase. 

During an in-person purchase, customers can see and feel the item they are buying — something they can’t do during an online purchase. Product thumbnails will keep these products top of mind during the entire checkout process. 

  • Make navigation between cart and store effortless. 

Customers want to quickly add items to their shopping cart and get back to browsing. The more work you force your customers to do, the less likely they will buy the products in their shopping carts. 

Make it effortless for your customers to drop items into their cart and quickly return to checkout when they’re ready to buy. Another good idea is to make it possible for shoppers to checkout directly from the product page to minimize the number of clicks and page views necessary to complete a transaction.

  • Optimize page load speeds. 

The last thing you want is for a customer to question if their order went through successfully. Having a fast-loading page can satisfy your shoppers’ demand for a speedy checkout experience. Not only will your customers be happier, but they’ll also be more inclined to buy additional products from your website because they wouldn’t have to wait as long. 

When buying online, customers always want to make sure their items are going to arrive in a fast and secure way and with fair prices. Making sure they know that you have an efficient shipping service at your shop, will only re-ensure their trust in your business. – Parcel Direct is the cheapest delivery company in Ireland, we work hard every day to make sure you don’t have to worry about your customer’s deliveries.

Do not forget to create a solid refund and return policy. Return policies are essential for e-commerce since shoppers don’t have the luxury of trying on items or seeing a product in person. Offering customers a good return policy gives shoppers peace of mind when they purchase items from your store. 

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Are your children staying in college this holidays?

Getting something in the post is always special – especially for students who have just left home. And receiving a parcel can be just as exciting as opening it. In order to make you children’s holiday even more special we have prepared a quick guide to sending them the perfect care package.

1. Write them a letter.
Even if you speak to them regularly on the phone, a handwritten letter is a more personal reminder that you’re thinking about them. Chances are they will recognise your handwriting as soon as the envelope falls through the letterbox, which makes the post even more special. You can also include some family or pets photos.

2. Make your Christmas gifts more personal.
How about sending an exclusive pair of pyjamas? You can have them printed in a nearby shop with a nice phrase or cute picture. A good addition, if you are an artistic parent, would be a handmade scarf or hat.

3. Homemade food will help them to feel less lonely.
A food parcel is perhaps the most obvious choice and is most likely to cheer up a student who’s been living on jacket potatoes. Home-baked goods are always a good idea. Just remember to make sure that they don’t have cream or anything highly perishable. Pack the items tightly in a plastic container. – Take a look at our restricted items list at

4. Small Toiletries will help them to save some money.
If there are customs restrictions on sending food to where they are studying, you could send small toiletries as travel-sized bottles of nice shampoo and conditioner. You would be helping them save some money and make sure they would have their favourite perfume around.

With care and love into your parcel, your kid will be able to feel a little closer to home, and you can make their holidays even more special.

A HELPFUL GUIDE TO Hand luggage: what you can and can’t take on a plane

We all know what we can or not bring in our hand luggage until we have to pack one. So if you are travelling with only hand luggage, here is a complete list of restrictions for most major airlines flying out of Ireland.



Nail Clipper; Tweezers; Knitting needles; Umbrella; Cane; Wheelchair; Children’s stroller; Liquid for contact lenses.


Corkscrew; Cutlery; Knife (with sharp or fixed blade more than 6 cm); Folding blade knife; Scissors with blades longer than 6 cm; Razor Blades; Cutter; Lighter; Safety Matches; Printer cartridge.



Laptop; Tablet; Smartphones; Hairdryer or Straightener; Camera and camera equipment; Travel iron; Electronic razor; E-cigarettes (only a maximum of 100 milliliters of vaping liquid).



Cooling gel pack; Medical equipment; Drugs and pills; Syrups and other medicines in liquid form; Hypodermic syringes; Inhalers.



NOTE: You will have to contact the company directly if you need to bring Bottles of oxygen with you.



Milk, powder, cow or soya; Sterile water for baby; Baby food; Dried Fruit; Nuts.


Any drink (water, fruit juice, tea, coffee); Jam; Syrup; Honey; Fresh cheese in liquid or malleable form (cheese, spreadable); Yoghurt; Soup; Sauce; Oil; Vinegar.



Sports parachute.


Bats and rackets; Golf clubs; Darts game; Hiking stick; Ice skates; Fishing rod, harpoon or rifle; Firearms (including reproductions); Martial arts equipment; Diving equipment; Crossbows, arrows and arrows; Fronds and catapults; Crampons; Javelins; Ice axes and ice picks; Swords; Canoes and paddles.



Blade or cutting tools larger than 6 cm (screwdriver); Drill and accessories; Professional knives; Cutting mats; Saws (including portable electric saws); Hammer; Machete; Aerosol paint; Turpentine and paint thinner.


– Can I bring my photography equipment on board?

YES, as long as your cameras and tripods can all fit in a hand luggage bag that meets the airlines’ restrictions

– Can I bring camping equipment in hand luggage?

Tents will need to go in the hold during the flight, as the poles can be considered dangerous. Gas for the fire is not permitted onboard, and any of your camping snacks (tinned fish) need to fit the 100ml liquid limit.

– Can I bring my drone as hand luggage?

A drone or “unmanned aerial vehicle” (UAV) can be safely carried on TUI flights provided the following precautions are followed: If lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries are used, the drone can be carried as checked baggage or carry-on baggage, as long as the drone can be protected from inadvertent activation. The size and weight limits of checked or carry-on baggage are not exceeded. Spare batteries must be protected from short circuits and damage and can be carried in carry-on baggage only. For drones powered by batteries up to 100Wh, prior approval by TUI is not required. For drones with batteries exceeding 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh, prior approval by TUI is required. Drones and batteries exceeding 160Wh are forbidden from the carriage.

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